“I’m really comfortable in sadness so I don’t get depressed. ..I actually find it invigorating.” – Sarah Polley, director of Take This Waltz http://ift.tt/1zFjsXR

“This film is about coping with trauma by taking responsibility for what one is for others or what one indirectly does to them” – Emily Blunt plays a woman who destroys other families lives by making men fall in love with her in order to literally steal this love and to steal their money.

– ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1ES1KiQ http://ift.tt/1c9SAV4

“In Blade Runner, R. ..starts to cry when D. proves ..that she is a replicant. The ..grief over the loss of her “humanity,” ..or, [in the case of any human being] the eternal gnawing doubt over whether I am truly human or just an android – it is these states which make me human.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on subjectivity as lack, on how we are all replicants when it comes to the uncertainty of any identity http://ift.tt/1QUF6g4