“Isn’t it evident in my very appearance that I am completely occupied with a serious matter?” – FRANZ KAFKA on wanting to be seen by his father not as a seeming failure, but as a writer. Sadly, writers are not seen in their activity, because most of it happens in the mind first. http://ift.tt/1XbFCZe

“Sacrifice falsely dupes us into believing that paying a heavy price would prove that there was a price to pay, that there was a meaningful world, a world in which I feel considered, in which I am to pay my due.” – “the catastrophes that may befall me,” are in my attitude of sacrifice and ascetism “not a blind meaningless automaton, but a partner in a possible dialogue, so that even a catastrophic outcome is to be read as a meaningful response, not as a realm of blind chance,” Zizek writes. – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1M28dv3

“The doctors were dropping the idea that the human body is sacred, this was the point in the history of science when we arrived at the idea of subjectivity being simply a void.” – Doctor’s were breaking taboos by opening a corpse in order to study a desease. Now that the doctors can open a corpse, we are allowed to think of the hidden as something much less dramatic or immense. The medical gaze is no longer a fantasy gaze which has to rely on hiding something in order to make it sacred. It is a real gaze which allows the idea that there is no sacred, no hidden Thing or soul. – ANDRE VANTINO on Foucault’s book about the medical gaze http://ift.tt/1VKaPSJ