“As more people now prefer the word refugees to the word ‘migrants,’ the discourse completely changes. The word ‘refugees’ becomes the new master signifier, which makes the discourse on immigration meaningful in new ways. The master signifier “has the role of making discourse meaningful” & readable” – ANDRE VANTINO citing BEN RAMM http://ift.tt/1Kj3yEf

“his/her unanswerable question is precisely the same as the abject lack/excess of sin that is constantly aimed at in the repetition of confession, but that must always remain unaccounted for by the discourse that attempts to annul it.” – ..The Grail romances, and particularly the Queste, go about attempting to rehabilitate the sinful excess of jouissance within discourse, so that it becomes none other than the plus-dejouir (a), the remainder of jouissance that persists in the symbolic, and that is the repressed truth of the hysteric-sinner’s discourse

– BEN RAMM http://ift.tt/1JjcZpe

“enunciation of sin is always the enunciation of a lack, a spoken mask for what cannot ‘really’ be said” – BEN RAMM on the perception that one is sinful as a perception which results from the return in the symbolic of the repressed unsymbolizable real, a real of sin that is unspeakable, not in the sense of some idea of an unspeakable sin, but in the sense of sin or our conception of sin as a conception that is always flawed, that always overestimates the meaning of the unspeakable, unsymbolizable http://ift.tt/1GkyeRi