“masks and forms of politeness make it easier to bring all the differences under the same roof of society. Masks and social roles are part of symbolic castration in the sense of acceptance of lack. This is not the big Other.” – These masks partly give the impression that they are not masks, that they stand for the truth and existence of what is only a fake bigness, an ideology or, in a broader sense, a big Other.

“Modernity involves the ‘crisis of investiture’, the inability of subjects to assume symbolic mandates. What prevents them ..is the perception of the domain of law as permeated with obscene enjoyment.” – Slavoj Zizek

“the criminal’s act lays bare the big Other’s impotence. ..The subject of the impotent gaze can only passively observe the affair, since his hands are bound on account of his hidden complicity, solidarity, with the criminal.” – This position powerless witness is also a crucial component of the experience of the Sublime..A human can ..trigger such an experience.