“The body is written with signifiers and is thus foreign, Other. Language is ‘encrusted upon the living,’ to borrow Bergson’s expression. The body is overwritten/overridden by language.” – Bruce Fink, The Lacanian Subject http://ift.tt/1GdUeMW

“A certain jouissance that is ‘squeezed’ out of the body is refound in speech. The Other as language enjoys in our stead. ..It is only insofar as we alienate ourselves in the Other ..that we can share some of the jouissance circulating in the Other.” – bruce fink

“Men’s fantasies are tied to that aspect of the real that under-writes..the symbolic order: object a. Object a keeps the symbolic moving..in constant avoidance of the real.” – via – Ed Krcma, Lightning and Rain: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis and Matisse’s Hand [Bruce Fink here “argues that desire structured around the objet a ultimately reinforces the power of the symbolic order” – Ed Krcma] – Bruce Fink