“In our unconscious use of arts we have to go outside ourselves to get back inside.” – Mourning, Melancholia & Depression p87 – DARIAN LEADER http://ift.tt/1faleqQ

“There is a compelling fantasy of being shattered, ..a fantasy.. ..It is a psychic world of being simply matter without the burden of judgment.” – The will to open up and spill the inside onto the outside, to stain the outside with the inside, let entropy take its deadly course and bring the air and dust within; fall from the drifting cosmos and mingle amongst the corpuscles. –CATERINESTREETnet http://ift.tt/1AXpwvB

“Explanation.. is contained within the very phenomenon it seeks to explain. ..There is no ‘first’, no unaltered movement, because the movement did not and could not exist before its explanation. It is its explanation, in itself its own reason.” – Her body raises itself.. ..She lunges forward at a measured pace and then back to her original position. – catherinestreet.net on inside and outside, art and criticism, performance and theory http://ift.tt/1RrK3w8