“as seductive as independent isolation is, ..everybody must maintain a connection with the state and work on its behalf; the satisfaction one thinks one will find in private life is after all deceptive and insufficient” – HEGEL (via hegelians) http://ift.tt/1WkoiC4


“For a brief time Hegel ..had been captive to the illusion that the French Revolution was the restoration of classical Athens in his midst, but by the December 1800 ..he was convinced that the ideal of reconciliation with an apparently alien world could not be achieved by recapturing a lost past” – Holderlin ..through ..the concept of love, pointed out to Hegel the way beyond the Fichtean dilemma of having to choose between theoretical and practical reason, i.e., between domination of the self by the not-self or object and domination of the not-self by the self. Domination, whether theoretical or practical, is incapable of achieving the authentic reconciliation of subject and object possible only through love. Dieter Henrich has persuasively argued that this thought, planted in Hegel by Holderlin, is the germ of Hegel’s own mature standpoint (Henrich, 9-40). Ineffable “love” will in Hegel’s vocabulary shortly become “life,” and will end up as the conceptually intelligible infinite “Spirit”

– Introduction to Hegel’s Letters http://ift.tt/1NaLL4u

“in the preKantian universe, humans were simply humans, beings of reason, fighting the excesses of animal lusts and divine madness.. ..Only with ..German Idealism is the excess to be fought absolutely immanent, the very core of subjectivity itself” – the metaphor for the core of subjectivity is Night, “Night of the World,” in contrast to the Enlightenment notion of the Light of Reason fighting the darkness all around – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1Ma1hOH

“Masochism ..is the fascinated observation of oneself as an object.

The masochist is ..treating the other as an object.” – The masochist’s goal is not to fascinate the concrete Other by means of his objectivity the procedure of seduction – but to cause himself to be fascinated by his own objectivity-for-others.

The experience of Otherness, the desire of the concrete other, is radically excluded. – KIRSTEN HYLDGAARD http://ift.tt/1Dar6pz

“A fear of death. ..Even if I hanged myself I would still not experience bliss. ..It seemed all so perfect before: contingency would be abolished, it was the dream of the perfect death. A garden of delight.“ – “We cannot remake ourselves through memory” – From Simon Critchley’s new story MEMORY THEATRE http://ift.tt/1dTF88o