“Sex concerns the impossible search for the infinite. ..So, woman is not only man’s symptom of the ..impossibilities of desire, but of his confusion” – ELLIE RAGLAND http://ift.tt/1KiITkF

“A sublime object..can persist only in an..intermediate state, viewed from a certain perspective, half-seen. If we want to see it in the light of day, it changes into an everyday object, it dissipates itself,..because in itself, it is nothing at all.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1AKxSql

“The notion of an outside that stands prior to a certain internalization, ..is located in objet a” – The subject, in the locus of the Other, grasps himself in specular form, ..which will introduce for him the distinction between ego + non-ego. The notion of [objet a as locus of + cause of desire] belongs to this outside, the locus of the object prior to any internalization. – SEMINAR 10 (via scaevities) – JACQUES LACAN http://ift.tt/1ACnMCb