“I completely disagree ..that female modesty is a protection against rape. That’s just silly. So is the idea that if women relied more on their femininity, men would be less violent because their protective instincts would be aroused.” – LAURA KIPNIS (via laura-kipnis) http://ift.tt/1P5X0JZ

“The people who move through the streets are all strangers. At each encounter, they imagine a thousand things about one another” – Italo Calvino (via themaladyofdeath) http://ift.tt/1h2EYxH

“Jacques Lacan reminds us, that in sex, each individual is to a large extent on their own, if I can put it that way.” – Naturally, the other’s body has to be mediated, but at the end of the day, the pleasure will be always your pleasure. Sex separates, doesn’t unite. The fact you are naked and pressing against the other is an image, an imaginary representation. What is real is that pleasure takes you a long way away, very far from the other. What is real is narcis­sistic, what binds is imaginary. So there is no such thing as a sexual relationship, concludes Lacan. His proposition shocked people since at the time everybody was talking about nothing else but “sexual relationships”. If there is no sexual relationship in sexuality, love is what fills the absence of a sexual relationship.

Lacan doesn’t say that love is a disguise for sexual relationships; he says that sexual relationships don’t exist, that love is what comes to replace that non-relationship. That’s much more interesting. This idea leads him to say that in love the other tries to approach “the being of the other”. In love the individual goes beyond himself, beyond the narcissistic. In sex, you are really in a relationship with yourself via the mediation of the other. The other helps you to discover the reality of pleasure. In love, on the contrary the mediation of the other is enough in itself. Such is the nature of the amorous encounter: you go to take on the other, to make him or her exist with you, as he or she is. It is a much more profound conception of love than the entirely banal view that love is no more than an imaginary canvas painted over the reality of sex.”
— Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love http://ift.tt/1OBqJuK