“Yesterday was the first day I admitted to myself that I almost certainly have a compulsive disorder. The skin on my shoulders is scarred, peeling, rough with scabs. The only thing I desire is control. I cannot control desire. ..This is the reason I am writing to you even right now.” – Danielle – edwardsaidruinedthenutcracker.tumblr.com http://ift.tt/1hyqXs3


“There is a compelling fantasy of being shattered, ..a fantasy.. ..It is a psychic world of being simply matter without the burden of judgment.” – The will to open up and spill the inside onto the outside, to stain the outside with the inside, let entropy take its deadly course and bring the air and dust within; fall from the drifting cosmos and mingle amongst the corpuscles. –CATERINESTREETnet http://ift.tt/1AXpwvB