“in expunging the primal father, the one who commands jouissance, and replacing him with the ideal father (the law of power/knowledge), Foucault installed the very principle he meant to eject: the principle of interdiction.” – For the ideal father is the father who interdicts jouissance. He is able to shelter and protect only because he interdicts excess pleasure. According to Freud, it is his interdictions-therefore not the other contradictory discourses or subject positions-his interdictions that give the subject a whiff of hope; it is they that suggest the possibility of transgression. In forbidding excess enjoyment, they appear to be its only obstacle; the subject/prisoner is thus free to dream of their removal and of the bounty of pleasure that will then be his. ..Foucault wanted to found his analysis of disciplinary power on the expulsion of the notion of the repressive father. He thought he ac complished this by describing a mild and provident form of law-an ideal father, in psychoanalytic terms. JOAN COPJEC http://ift.tt/1fGl0Yc