“The most romantic thing that happened all weekend was when he gave me his sweatshirt because ‘You look like a cold ghost, Danielle’.” – Danielle, edwardsaidruinedthenutcracker.tumblr.com http://ift.tt/1MzPxCX


“I do like people, for the most part, but none of them can hurt me at all and I know this in advance. In this way, I feel at times that I am dealing in fiat currency, that I am being unfair. When I joke that I am a sociopath, this is what I mean. I was intensely happy with Alex and felt almost nothing when I broke up with him, which I knew I would do from the very beginning.” – edwardsaidruinedthenutcracker.tumblr.com, Danielle http://ift.tt/1NUZz3d