“I assumed that he was handsome and I slept with him, and sleeping beside this stranger I had a dream that no matter what I did, I could say “but we all know this is a dream,” and continue as if it had never happened. I feel that I may be unnecrotic flesh animated by a machine. This machine is the only part of me that is not indifferent, but it is completely automatic, even if it is often senseless. I dream of having a body on which nothing jiggles, that only moves when I want it to.” – edwardsaidruinedthenutcracker.tumblr.com, Danielle http://ift.tt/1IqtrO1

“People often divide their sexual partners into the categories of either “potential relationship material” or “disposable garbage types for whom I have no time when clothed” and treat them accordingly. And I understand that temptation! If we wanted to be respectful and thoughtful all the time, we’d be in real relationships or work with old people or something!” – brydie lee kennedy http://ift.tt/1LEanUj