“Frau K. had usurped Dora’s place as her father’s own caretaker, I suggest that Dora’s ideal ego fantasy was shattered. She was utterly demoted. Her ideal ego position could no longer be that of a cherished object, free to reject or be pursued without sexual consequence.” – ELLIE RAGLAND http://ift.tt/1RJrm7k

“psychosis is the failure of an inscription for lack—of being all one sex—neurosis denying the difference; ..perversion repudiating it” – ELLIE RAGLAND

“Our hopes for totality, for ongoing pleasure, for final harmonies, are inane dreams that make us suffer and keep us from making any change at all.” – ELLIE RAGLAND

“Alexandre Leupin describes this surplus in language or in the body as the quality of meaning Lacan called the jouissance” – ELLIE RAGLAND

“Objet a is an excess or surplus in jouissance that bears witness to a tie between the world and the body at the level of the already constituted meaning one might call the symptom” – the object a is not das Ding an sich, it is not a logically decipherable presence either.