“Man’s very insides – his self – are foreign to him. He doesn’t know ..why he was born, what he is doing on the planet, ..what he can expect.

– The Denial of Death (1973)

His own existence is incomprehensible to him, a miracle just like the rest of creation, closer to him, right near his pounding heart, but for that reason all the more strange.”

— Ernest Becker, ibid.

“What Levinas, with all his celebration of Otherness, fails to take into account is not some underlying Sameness of all humans ….but radically ïnhuman” Otherness itself: the Otherness of a human being reduced to inhumanity” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

“first the subject’s alienation.., then the subject’s separation,..not the subject’s re-appropriation of the Other, but the separation of/in the Other itself” – so that the subject’s alienation from the Other is transposed into the Other itself, as its self-alienation.