“The desire “realized” (staged) in fantasy is not the subject’s own but the other’s desire” – S. Zizek


“Why “the Other” with a capital O? […] What creates the founding value of […] words is that what is aimed at in the message, as well as what is manifest in the pretence, is that the other is there qua absolute Other. Absolute, that is to say he is recognized, but is not known. In the same way, what constitutes pretence is that, in the end you don’t know wether it’s a pretence or not. Essentially it is this unknown element in the alterity of the other which characterizes the speech relation” – Lacan

“fantasy […] is an attempt to provide an answer to “What does society want from me?” that is, to unearth the meaning of the murky events in which I am forced to participate.


the standard theory of “projection,” according to which the anti-Semite “projects” onto the figure of the Jew the disavowed part of himself, is not sufficient


[the anti-semitic fantasy about] the figure of the Jew cannot be reduced to the externalization of my (anti-Semite’s) “inner conflict”


the [fantasy about the] figure of the jew […] tries to cope with the fact that I am originally decentered, part of an opaque network whose meaning and logic elude my control.” – Slavoj Zizek

“Children learn to speak, not when they can utter words but when they can lie: that is, know things and do things that the Other doesn’t know about. […] Language itself alienates us, as we must exist within its parameters. But we must also separate from these signifiers, make ourselves distinct from them, since otherwise we would belong body and soul to the Other.” – “What Is Madness” – Darian Leader – p.153

“fantasy is […] a defence against ‘che yuoi? ‘, a screen concealing the gap, the abyss of the desire of the Other.


desire itself is a defence against desire: the desire structured through fantasy is a defence against the desire of the Other

The desire with regard to which we must not ‘give way’ is not the desire supported by fantasy but the desire of the Other beyond fantasy.” – The Sublime Object of Ideology books.google.de – Slavoj Zizek

“our questions are always addressed to the other who is supposed by us to know the answers, such as parents, teachers, physicians, priests, friends, lovers, even enemies. In […] analysis, our questions are addressed beyond these particular others to the generalized Other of the cultural order in […] which we must try to formulate answers to our nagging question “What do you want of me? What kind of person do you expect me to be? What are you thinking?”” – Darian Leader the others and their otherness

“The root of racism is thus hatred of my own enjoyment. There is no other enjoyment but my own. If the Other is in me, occupying the place of extimacy, then the hatred is also my own. What we conceal by imputing to the Other the theft of enjoyment is the traumatic fact that we never possessed what was allegedly stolen from us” – Slavoj Zizek