“Isn’t it evident in my very appearance that I am completely occupied with a serious matter?” – FRANZ KAFKA on wanting to be seen by his father not as a seeming failure, but as a writer. Sadly, writers are not seen in their activity, because most of it happens in the mind first. http://ift.tt/1XbFCZe

“Felt a little better and had lost the strength for sorrow.” – I wished to remain entirely conscious of the final flutterings of that agitation, which I had never done before. Perhaps in this way I would find hidden steadfastness in myself. – franz–kafka http://ift.tt/1NJQAlq

“In the literary field ..I have, to be sure, experienced states ..which ..correspond ..to the clairvoyant states described by you, Herr Doktor, in which I completely dwelt in every idea, but also filled every idea, and in which I not only felt myself at my boundary, but at the boundary of the human in general. Only the calm of enthusiasm, which is probably characteristic of the clairvoyant, was still lacking in those states, even if not completely. I conclude this from the fact that I did not write the best of my works in those states.” – FRANZ KAFKA about Rudolf Steiner and the similarity between literary experience and theosophy http://ift.tt/1M6Bojm