“It cannot be guilt that makes them attractive ..nor can it be the just punishment which makes them attractive in anticipation ..so it must be the mere charges brought against them that somehow show on them.” – http://ift.tt/1Dhxr89 – FRANZ KAFKA http://ift.tt/1fTG0uU


“Although physically well, I would hold on to strangers in the street because the reproaches inside me tossed from side to side like water in a basin that was being carried rapidly. Those times are past.” – Diaries, 1910-1923 – FRANZ KAFKA http://ift.tt/1JH4Wh3

“[Kafka claims that] it would have been possible for him to accept (the person of) his father, to establish a non-traumatic relationship with him, if he were his friend, brother, boss, even father-in-law, just not his father. ..It is, rather, the other way round, i.e., the very fact that one is bothered by father’s excessive vitality already presupposes the failure of symbolic authority.“ – SLAVOJ ZIZEK” – this father’s over-presence is not a direct fact: ..This father’s “too-muchness” „is ultimately the too-muchness of life itself, the humiliating quality of the father’s excess of vitality which undermines his authority.“ – SLAVOJ ZIZEK -The Symptom 12 http://ift.tt/1MCCRKD

“Looking on oneself as something alien, forgetting the sight, remembering the gaze.” – Franz KAFKA on the real, or the real gaze, the sense of lack and the acute awareness about how one has many blind spots, how the sexuality is a constant conquering egendered by a drive or a zeal to know, a need to map the desires of others by meeting them, or dating ever new people, an unrest of wanting to absorb the field, of wanting to know who one is for others. In this sense sexuality is about vision, about what escapes vision, about the desire of the other who remains enigmatic to us. Sexuality in the field of vision is a story of our coming to terms with our lack, our never being able to look at oneself from outside, never able to deconstruct the riddle of what one is to the world, unable to stop wondering about it, unable to just simply go out into the world and be seen. http://ift.tt/1dIddIB