“[In totalitarianism] social Law ..is no longer that which ‘forbids’ + on the basis of this prohibition, ..guarantees the field of co-existence of ‘free’ bourgeois subjects + their diverse pleasures.” – ..What is the super-ego ..if not..the intervention of the signifier-command under its chaotic, senseless aspect?“ – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on the totalitarian aspect of bureaucracy in Kafka’s The Trial http://ift.tt/1RRuu1Z

“Kafka is a ‘writer of absence’, describing a world that remains religious in its structure but in which the central place belonging to God is empty.” – less than nothing – (source: alterities) – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1Ed5fwX

“the true conspiracy (of Power) consists in the very attempt to persuade subjects that they are victims of irrational, impenetrable forces,” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on ORSON WELLES’ version of KAFKA’s THE TRIAL