“Frau K. had usurped Dora’s place as her father’s own caretaker, I suggest that Dora’s ideal ego fantasy was shattered. She was utterly demoted. Her ideal ego position could no longer be that of a cherished object, free to reject or be pursued without sexual consequence.” – ELLIE RAGLAND http://ift.tt/1RJrm7k

“Dora’s joy came from denying what was only too obvious in her parent’s discourse: that she was a rejected object.” – The ..interplay between Dora’s ideal ego and her superego made her feel guilty.. ..Deprived and castrated, this guilt was atoned for in her symptomatic suffering.. as an abandoned child. ..
DORA AND THE NAME-OF-THE-FATHER -ELLIE_RAGLAND (via ellieragland) http://ift.tt/1FHuCuz