“The absence of a response is what it is in mere objects or in expressionist paintings for example, that creates this feeling of something staring back at us.” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1A72zA4

“the reversal of reality into the Real corresponds to the reversal of the look (of the subject peering at reality) into the gaze that is, this reversal occurs when we enter the ‘black hole’, – the tear in the fabric of reality.

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK. 6 Essays On Woman+Causality” –

“It is not that God wished to conceal anything from our eyes. ..He simply disregarded our gaze. It was ..through this ..disregard for our gaze that God asserted his divine character.” – MIRAN BOZOVIC, GAZE + BODY IN EARLY MODERN PHILIOSOPHY [an atheist lacanian perspective with an introduction by Zizek3]

“through a window ..Stella watches the marriage of her daughter, observing the harmonious paradise of a wealthy family from which she is excluded.” – The illusion ..is ..thàt by excluding oneself (the disturbing excess) ..the picture will be that of a harmonious Whole.