“the hysteric asks questions because he wants to “burrow a hole in the Other;” he experiences his own desire as if it were the Other’s desire. [For] Lacan, ..Hegel was “the most sublime hysteric”” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

“The neurotic needs to believe in the

otherness of the Other. This

seemingly mysterious otherness

provides what the neurotic seeks in

the gaze” – “Neurosis derives from a belief that the Other has the object—that the Other has a hidden mode of enjoyment inaccessible by the subject—and this belief sustains the enjoyment that the neurotic obtains from fantasy.” Todd McGowan

“The..subject..sets off in search of the object that he believes can..complete him, fill out his lack. [But actually this] very act of questioning provides an answer: ..Hysterical interrogation..always already contains its own answer.” – Ben Ramm [on how the hysteric seeks to be completed and at the same time refuses to be completed by the Other, in order to remain stuck in the state of desiring and thus of lacking, in order to feel the lack that comes with human existence. – Andre Vantino]