“by means of hysterical symptoms, the..subject signals her refusal to act as the empty screen..for the male monologue. ..Hysteria [is] a radically ambiguous protest” – slavoj zizek on the Hysteric’s paradox of opting for and against being ‘mastered’/dominated by someone.

“The hysteric’s narcissism is linked to her desperate attempt for certainty: what she seeks is..identity. The..appeals to the Other to give her answers as of..what value she has..are..attempts to overcome the constitutive split that marks the subject as the speaking being.” – Renata Salecl on Lacan

“For Freud, hysteria is not..denial of life power; the hysterical subject is rather a..symptom of the Master—what he renders palpable is the primordial deadlock that pertains to the dimension of subjectivity as such and which is concealed by the posture of the Master.” – Slavoj Zizek: “Freud’s name for this deadlock, for this authentic kernel of the hysterical theater that eludes Nietzsche’s grasp and undermines from within vita activa, is death drive.” – S.Zizek, Gaze & Voice As Love Objects