“Kant’s misunderstanding [is] that there is a noumenon, a thing-in-itself..distinct from the empirical phenomenal world / the physical reality or the “object world”” – jeanne schroeder


“The question ‘What do you desire?’ precedes its answer. By asking the question, you never discover, rather you produce..a..stand-in for an answer.” – Jeanne Schroeder on Jacques Lacan

“Desire is mediated by reference to Nothingness: [by] the cause of desire (as opposed to the objects that satisfy our needs)

the objects that satisfy our needs [are] a stand-in for Nothingness.

Nothingness [is] the cause of desire. … Objet petit a is the object-cause of desire: we desire it insofar as it is lost – this object is nothing but a loss positivized.” – Jeanne Schroeder

“the hysteric addresses the Other because she thinks it has what she lacks. Now she knows the Other also lacks what she lacks. The feminine hysteric learns that her love … does not exist, [that what in her love makes it] the Big Other, does not exist. And she cannot forgive his betrayal.

The … question ‘What do you want? What do I lack?’ becomes the accusation ‘You are wanting!’

The … question ‘‘How must I change to accommodate you?’ is now ‘You must change to accommodate me!’” – Jeanne Schroeder

“Freud thought that woman’s desire was a mystery that he had not yet solved. … Freud has been taken in by the feminine

The secret of the feminine masquerade is that there is no secret, and no answer … that pre-exists [the asking of the question].

‘What the woman does want is want’ – the subject is nothing but desire.” – Jeanne Schroeder