we can gain enjoyment as a side benefit of our moral activity. This is the indirect path through which we can access enjoyment. The very nature of enjoyment demands that we approach it in this way—through aiming elsewhere

todd mcgowan


sexuality … is not really about bodies. It is how bodily activity is reported in words.

There is in ‘Persona’ a … scene where Bibi Andersson tells … Liv Ullmann … about a small orgy on a beach which took place years ago. This scene is so erotic precisely because Bergman successfully resisted the temptation of a flashback. No flashback. Just words:

‘Katarina unbuttoned his trousers and started playing with him. When he came she took him in her mouth. He bent down and started kissing her on the back She turned around, took his head in both hands and gave him her breast. The other boy got so excited, so he and I started again. It was as nice as the first time. Then we swam and parted. When I Came back, Karl-Henrik had returned. We had dinner together and drank the red wine he had with him. Then we slept together. It’s never been as good, before or since. Can you understand that?’

s. zizek