“Is there a way to present myself as not hungry? ..You’re the second pyramid to the left, with eyes open, speaking into the ice trays, with this in mind.” – kdecember.tumblr.com – Katherine Osborne http://ift.tt/1gmeoj0

“When I broke up with him, that’s the last time I broke up with anyone. ..He said, “come back home” + I paused too long + said, “okay, okay i will.” Then he said, “no, it’s too late.” It was a little thing but he was right. After that he spiraled out of control. Not because of me necessarily.” – via kdecember.tumblr.com

“I can’t be told enough. Don’t explain it to me.

I watched someone walk into a burning building and not come out.


I don’t know how to ask if anyone is okay without the small panic


everyone offering to help without getting up from their booths.

The rooster clock vibrating on the wall, falls for everyone, but me.

[And] objects through me, across the room. I want to keep telling you.” – Katherine Osborne

“I held on to my drink. He started to tell me. In a loud voice. He was telling me David died. He said fire. He said sorry for having to tell me like this, that he’s a little drunk. I…let him tell me what I knew. Let someone tell me. I listened for the ending. Same ending, the counters lit up. For the first time I could…be okay and mean it.” – Katherine Osborne