“The great pain of separation ..before going to sleep or when I was tiding my things.” – W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

“We can simply be alienated without this need to overcome alienation, asking less of Others, asking them less to be 100% transparent to us or themselves.” – Then we rely on Others in a less harmful way.


“first the subject’s alienation.., then the subject’s separation,..not the subject’s re-appropriation of the Other, but the separation of/in the Other itself” – so that the subject’s alienation from the Other is transposed into the Other itself, as its self-alienation.


“the subject’s separation is not dis-alienation.
..Separation is ..not the subject’s reappropriation of the Other” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on Lacanian separation as that process in which we are no longer just alienated (because of the irresponsive Other on whom we relied so far).

Lacanian separation allows one to realize how the Other is even to itself irresponsive, how there is inevitably aienation in the Other itself.


The Other thus cannot offer us clarity, which is why any separation from it will not give us back some dis-alienation.


There never was in the first place a pure, natural state of not being alienated.


Separation thus is the term for accepting alienation, which in a sense already overcomes the pre-separation type of alienation.