“Desire in its purity is of course “death­drive”, it occurs when the subject assumes without restraint its “being-towards-death”, the ultimate annihilation of its symbolic identity – that is, when it endures confrontation with the Real, with the impossibility constitutive of desire.” – slavoj zizek http://ift.tt/1HLdG8O

“The disturbance that Merrick’s body causes for our look renders the desire ..evident for the first time. At this point, we can no longer believe that we are neutral observers” – TODD MCGOWAN on the spectator’s desire which is a desire that becomes evident in watching David Lynch’s Elephant Man whose name is Merrick http://ift.tt/1bCJaSk

“Fantasy provides the pleasure that is characteristic of desire.” – JACQUES LACAN on fantasy as that which keeps one from maturing. The subject that relies less on fantasy, and is ready to make herself visible to Others without exact fantasies about who exactly she is for them, is ready to no longer use this state of fantasizing desiring as a protection against taking part and exchange with the world. http://ift.tt/1CTjAnV