“Desire desires desiring itself” – Less Than Nothing – SLAVOJ ZIZEK, borrowing from NIETZSCHE http://ift.tt/1HtAdr6

“sexual encounters are desired in the same way in which art is desired. Desire is not a biological need, sexuality in the field of desire is not simply a physical urge. Desire springs from the void at the centre of life.” – ANDRE VANTINO on the insight that results from not being able “to penetrate right into the Other’s hidden kernel,” as Zizek calls it. This Kernel is the void, the cause of desire that remains incomprehensible even to the Other herself. The void as cause, as strange attractor, is what gives human life a strange characteristic of being driven by an alien force, not by the self as an agency of reason. This element of unreason in human life is a life drive, a drive causing an abundance of activity, up unto too much activity, even up to selfdestructive activity. Such hidden core of unreason at the heart of human subjectivity is aptly named death instinct by Freud, or death drive by Lacan, or simply “drive”. To use the word drive instead of death drive underlines that the death drive is not so much what is behind selfdestructive behaviour, but what is ultimately behind any behaviour.

– ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1DOqxpZ