“Reconciliation with the death drive as too-much-life-drive was achieved through accepting the impossibility of reconciliation with the unsettling + machinic otherness in oneself over which one has only limited control” – ANDRE VANTINO on the death drive as it takes form in the partial drives, in the sexual enjoyment or the enjoyment of hearing someone’s voice, or in a visual enjoyment (scopic drive). http://ift.tt/1ErPJyg

“The death drive is life in the sense of feeling too much life. When death drive is sublimated into the lacanian drive, it hasn’t changed its intensity, but the way one relates to it as our human condition has changed.” – ANDRE VANTINO on death drive as the human condition http://ift.tt/1JAPMv6

“However much he stuffs himself, he cannot fill up the hole that constitutes the drive of his actions.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on why Don Juan is ready to go from one seduction to the next, never hoping to arrive anywhere + how ‘this makes Don Juan a figure of the drive’ in the Lacanian sense of ‘drive’ as a circling around the libidinal object, as an aiming without an aim, an aiming that has no goal, no absolute Thing to arrive at, an aiming that has only the aiming itself as its goal. http://ift.tt/1P0LzYn

““who makes herself the Other’s ..cause becomes her own cause,” Zizek says. Otherwise one is not yet ‘within’ the drive, and is still a little bit stuck in a more fantasizing form of desire.” – ANDRE VANTINO on shifting from desire to drive as mode of being as a shifting towards an understanding of one’s own desire as a desire that expressess that lack is permanent, just as desire is permanent, that formerly, lack was only made to seem temporary on grounds of mere fantasizing http://ift.tt/1GumY9K