“the visual field of the surroundings that are visible to me is always an incomplete field. This creates the desire for a clear map of Others and of the visual field. This absence of a response is what it is in expressionist paintings creates this feeling of something staring back at us.” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1LmZwfD


is invisible enough

to see you?” – PAUL CELAN on being desiring and yet invisible, not able to interact, rather than being a subject of the lacanian drive who is self-content and ready to be visible to others in a mode of desire called the lacanian drive in which a mere form of circling around objects is already the source of enjoyment rather than neurotic enjoyment in which one enjoys only from a distance, only by objectifying the object of love or by idealising the object too much. http://ift.tt/1JMu3Uu