“[Hamlet is..unable to..see] his desire not as constituted in relation to the Other. ..Hamlet is unable to realize his own subjectivity.” – SEAN HOMER on how Hamlet through his ‘rejection of the object of desire..is trapped within the desire of the Other’ http://ift.tt/1LTNzMt

“Why is love like a machine, as if it is something that happens to us, something we cannot fully choose? We almost involuntarily love the loving one back because we cannot bear to be confronted with their distress, with the distress of love as lack.” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1Ho7uiI

“The chief motif of the ‘hard-boiled’ detective novel is that the femme fatale ..leaves many broken lives as a trace of its presence. ..Suddenly, one is placed in the perstpective which is hers + finds ..that she is..a..broken being,..not in control of her effects” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on objectifying a woman less when one suddenly finds out that she is lacking too, that she is not fatale, but human. http://ift.tt/1L30T16