“advice ..how to form loving relationships often prevents ..opening up.” – Human life is increasingly seen as a set of skills to be learned.. ..Yet we can’t just form bonds because we’re told it’s healthy to do so. – DARIAN LEADER on the superego pressure created in a society of constant improvement + enjoyment http://ift.tt/1A4FCDl

“sadness itself becomes the object. ..Mourning for a depressed narcissist is ..an ..attachment to an unsymbolizable object, ..an insistence “without desire” that leaves the depressed person with a ..sense of having lost something.., but having no name for that lost object.” – “Such a person, steeped in melancholia, is left without memory, without words, without desire”
– On Deaths & Dying. Routledge p111 – Michael O’Laughlin http://ift.tt/1cZff7A