“‘Race prejudice of any kind is a neurosis, and it is doubtful whether argument can either increase or diminish it, but the net effect of books of this kind, if they have an effect, is probably to make antisemitism slightly more prevalent than it was before,’ Orwell writes.” – http://ift.tt/1ZBuJ4f

“using the phone for the first time, Marcel (the narrator of the novel) talks to his grandmother. ..Voice is subtracted from ..the body to which it belongs, out of which it emerges as an autonomous partial object, an organ which can magically survive without the body whose organ it is” – it is as if it stands “alone beside me, seen, without the mask of her face.” This subtraction withdraws it from (our ordinary) reality into the virtual domain of the real, where it persists as an undead specter haunting the subject.

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1Cjf391