“on the basis of a ..refusal of understanding, ..we push open the door to analytic understanding” – JACQUES LACAN on the function of ‘full speech’ in psychoanalysic sessions http://ift.tt/1H12vEu

“surfaces are where the real depth is. ..Kafka said: ‘Never again psychology!’ He’s right – artists are witnesses, we present the surface.” – JOHN BANVILLE on how art conceals without being obscurantist and how theory should reveal or else it is obscurantist. Art is surface, art is showing. Theory is telling, theory is explicating, eplaining, doing what is possible with language. Theory cannot make direct use of reality’s surfaces to say something, it can only oversay, overexplain. In this sense theory is the return of the repressed. What in art needs to remain repressed for art to work, needs to come up in theory for theory to work. http://ift.tt/1FaYiBx

“The psychoanalyst is the empty vessel, the listener supposed to listen through whom we are coming to terms with the lack at the centre of subjectivity” – Psychoanalysis is language based, it is a working through, and this happens through language. How can one work with language? By having the analyst present as the locus that gives my language a direction as if it gives the lack of myself and the lack of language a locus or a meaning through which one can arrive at being okay with lack + with lack of meaning.

– ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1JDNGe3

“when he speaks, it is the big Other who speaks (or, rather, keeps silence) through him; he is not just another subject, he occupies the empty place of death. The analyst’s silence stands for the absent meaning of the patient’s talk,” – LESS THAN NOTHING – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on the function of silence in the psychoanalytic session – silence as the experience of the smallness of the Other, the lover, the friend, the parent http://ift.tt/1N0kpdO