“as such, the sexual relationship cannot be transposed into a symmetrical relationship between pure subjects.” – the sexual relationship is condemned to remain an asymmetrical non-relationship in which the Other, our partner, prior to being a subject, is a Thing, an ‘inhuman partner’

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1aog0Vu


“Every translation of sexual difference into a set of symbolic opposition(s) is doomed to fail.. ..This ..“impossibility” ..opens up the terrain of the hegemonic struggle for what “sexual difference” will mean.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1Hl9dJq

When Man purifies his desire of the pathological remainders, woman disintegrates. Man himself exists only through woman qua his symptom: all his ontological consistency hangs on, is suspended from ..his symptom. -SLAVOjZIZEK

Woman is the symptom of man, caught in the hysterical game of demanding that he refuse her demand, precisely to the extent to which she is submitted to the phallic enjoyment. -SLAVOjZIZEK

Woman redeems man by renouncing phallic enjoyment. (What we have here is the exact opposite to Weininger where man redeems-destroys woman by overcoming his phallicity). -SLAVOjZIZEK

“Man projects onto woman an ideal she can never attain, and so, in loving woman, man really loves himself. In fact, man loves the better part of himself, the ideal, spiritual side, rather than the tainted sexual side of his senses.” – By so doing, man betrays not only himself, because he fails to realize his ..potential in himself, but he also betrays woman, because he disregards her empirical actuality, subjecting her to an Imaginary idealism.

– TONY MYERS http://ift.tt/1ybzWAV