“The [fantasy]-gaze ..brings the subject into a position of being dominated by the desire of the Other. It is the opposite of the function of the [Real]-gaze in the analytic transference.” – RICHARD BOOTHBY http://ift.tt/1JdHmcR

“the unseen analyst whose desire remains an enigma [allows that]..the subject reclaims some greater portion of his or her own desire.” – RICHARD BOOTHBY on the Real-gaze, the the modus of accepting that we cannot fill with fantasy what we cannot know. In analysis we reclaim access to our desire when we allow lack, when we allow the fact that our fantasy about what others are to us is only a fill-in for the blindspot, for the unknowability of the Other. Not knowing the Other is what sets desire into motion. Thus relying less on fantasy and allowing this notknowing, makes us relearn desire in analysis. http://ift.tt/1DxlYeY

the patient offers herself to the analyst as the ultimate measure of defense, in order to block the emergence of truth. ..Love emerges when the analysis comes too close to the unconscious traumatic truth

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK on the demand for love as the demand the shrink has to deny so that the patient can grow out of the role of using demand as prolongation of his or her situation

“The analyst’s silence stands for the absent meaning of the patient’s talk” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on coming to terms with the lack at the centre of subjectivity by working with language and through language and by having the analyst present as the locus that gives my language a direction as if it gives the lack of myself and the lack of language a locus or a meaning through which one can arrive at being okay with lack and with lack of meaning. http://ift.tt/18HrKSi