““drive” is not driven by the..quest for the lost object” – lacan.com/zizliberal – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on what the subject has learned when it achieves the modus of living in the Lacanian drive http://ift.tt/1cMlI5f

“It is not that ..we repress some traumatic content, and then this content continues to haunt us, repeating itself in disguised forms. ..Repression emerges with the “reification” of the Real into a Thing that resists symbolization. – Then the repressed Real repeats itself.” – Slavoj Zizek, Less Than Nothing

“the true conspiracy (of Power) consists in the very attempt to persuade subjects that they are victims of irrational, impenetrable forces,” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on ORSON WELLES’ version of KAFKA’s THE TRIAL