“unable to love, we yearn to be loved” – MILAN KUNDERA http://ift.tt/1EDbomp

“The melancholic ..misperceives..that the object..was always-already lost.” – “

The mistake of the melancholic..is not simply to assert that something resists symbolic ‘sublation’ but, rather, to locate this resistance in a positively existing, albeit lost, object. ..Every attainable object is already a displacement of the impossible-real object of desire which is constitutively lost. ..The cause of desire is originally, in a constitutive way, lacking. Melancholy interprets this lack as a loss..as if the object lacking were once possessed and then lost.” Slavoj Zizek

“Sadly, it seems we are always most kept — for some reason or another — from the few people with whom we have the greatest chance of connection.” – To a dusty shelf we aspire: 7.29.13 ”..Yesterday I bought a nondescript book from a small used shop outside of the city. It wasn’t the book itself that compelled me,..it was the marginalia of some stranger who seemed to underline all the right phrases. ..Even the cryptic..responses in the corners seemed uncannily familiar.. – ..the..pleasure of reading “with” another, despite the inherent solitude of the reading-act.” – heteroglossia.tumblr.com