“The melancholic incessantly verbalises self-reproach. ..Freud notes a ‘trait of insistent communicativeness which finds satisfaction in self-exposure’” – Death-and-Desire-in-Hegel-Heidegger-and-Deleuze http://ift.tt/1cxiguU

“In melancholia the ego … identifies with the abandoned object. ..The incorporation of the lost object becomes ..a preservation of the loss but also an idealization of loss in the form of an ego-ideal.” – SUZETTE MIN http://ift.tt/1QJca9R

And so, perhaps, comes the
certainty of being worthless,
unwanted or condemned, and,
perhaps, the very identification
with the dead which we have
seen to be at the heart of
melancholia. The choice of
dying with the dead takes on
a new sense here. The dead
cannot be relinquished
because without them one
would be left at the mercy of
something even more terrible.

darian leader