“The ‘Oedipus complex’ is a phase of becoming social, of learning to desire in realistic ways. Yet, everyday use of the term makes it sound as if Freud means that someone has complexes. This is a misappropriation of Freud’s term, a sloppy merging of two terms into one” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1A4FzHy

The imaginary father intervenes.. ..By prohibiting the child’s direct identification with the phallus, the father ‘suddenly promotes the object of the mother’s desire to a properly symbolic rank.’ ..It is only the Law’s designation of the phallus as a forbidden object that allows the child to group ..into an ordered sequence ..his previous oppositional signifying identifications with the object of the mothers desire

“She loves the child for what he lacks. ..Mother + child give what they do not have: the child is the stand-in for the mother’s missing phallus (without knowing it); ..The object of the child’s demand is nothing but the object of his mother’s desire.” – Lorenzo Chiesa

“The cometition with the father (via alienating identification) ..represents a preliminary escape from the mother: it enables the child to keep her at bay, ..by means of the father’s imaginary phallus, which ..the child literally embodies/is, ..in the second stage of the Oedipus complex.” – Lorenzo Chiesa

“A certain jouissance that is ‘squeezed’ out of the body is refound in speech. The Other as language enjoys in our stead. ..It is only insofar as we alienate ourselves in the Other ..that we can share some of the jouissance circulating in the Other.” – bruce fink