“When we neurotically feel aversions to take up social roles we display a scepticism towards the uprightness of symbolic mandates or jobs.” – We are troubled by the idea of taking up the role of being a public persona, because in modernity we can sense how any such big Otherly persona only works into the hands of the obscene underside of the workings of a society run by masks. Zizek thus writes, ‘Modernity involves ..the inability of subjects to assume symbolic mandates. What prevents them ..is the ..perception of a ‘stain of enjoyment’ in the big Other,’ the Law as infested with an obscene superego underside.



“To compare oneself with others is at centre in the society of enjoyment. Its superego pressure had depressed the Columbine killer: “I wanted happiness!! I never got it!!! Let’s sum up my life. the most miserable..in the history of time.”” – The columbine killer cannot be simply dehumanized. One needs to ask, did he try to get rid of the excess in the Other, did he confuse the Other, the beloved, etc, with an excess or intensity of life? He wrote in his journal: “OH MY GOD,” “I am almost sure I am in love.” These words show that not only did he fail himself, but his ideology caused him to fail, an ideology he got from society. It is the ideology of the society of complaint. The society of having to enjoy as much as others, is also ultimately a society of constant complaint, which is apparent in his complaints: “Such a sad.., lonely unsalvageable i feel I am,..not fair’. – Andre Vantino on the Columbine school mass-shooting