“the masochist pervert..occupies the position of the object instrument of the other’s desire..-..through serving his (feminine) victim, he posits her as the hystericized/divided subject who “doesn’t know what she wants.”” – “the pervert knows it for her, that is, he pretends to speak from the position of knowledge (about the other’s desire) that enables him to serve the other.” – slavoj zizek

“The sadist occupies the place of the object ‘to the benefit of an­ [imagined] other, for whose jouissance he exercises his action’. The executioner works for the enjoyment of the Other, not for his own: he becomes a sole instrument of the Other’s Will.” – S.Zizek – “And in so-called “totalitarianism”, this illegal agent-instrument of the law, the Sadeian executioner, appears as such in the shape of the Party, agent-instrument of historical Will. ..By means of occupying himself the place of the object – of making himself the agent-executor of the Other’s Will – he avoids the division constitutive of the subject and transposes his division upon his other.” – Slavoj Zizek

“The pervert claims direct access to some figure of the big Other, so that […] he is able to act directly as the instrument of the big Other’s will. […] Osama bin Laden and President Bush […] both act upon the presupposition that their acts are […] guided by divine will.” – Slavoj Zizek