While Putin-critic Nemtsov has been shot dead, the other major opposition leader, Mr. Navalny, is ‘serving a two-week jail sentence for handing out leaflets on the subway’ says nytimes.com

“to make sure he does not end up behind bars.., Putin does not leave himself any maneuvers except to stay in power until his death. So his behavior looks like madness, but in fact it’s a cold strategy for life-long despotism.” – BORIS NEMTSOV, Russian Opposition Leader, assasinated in MOSCOW 2 hours ago http://ift.tt/1ax9hcA

“Ukraine ..overthrew a thieving president. Oh so you dared to get out onto the street..? Ukraine needs to be punished for it to make sure that no Russian would gets these thoughts.” – Boris Nemtsov, speaking out against Russias war with Ukraine. He planned to lead a protest march in Moscov on sunday. He was shot dead today in Moscov

“the government uses information..from snooping on you,.. in a [court] case you have brought,” Logan said. “This.. violates an age-old principle of English law ..that the correspondence between a person + their lawyer is confidential.” – In the U.S., the NSA has also been caught spying on lawyers. Earlier this year, the agency was forced to reassure attorneys

British Spies Are Free to Target Lawyers and Journalists

“allowing police officers to confiscate any personal possessions in Ft. Lauderdale..” – To make it illegal for homeless people to have possessions in public [they are] allowing police officers to confiscate any personal possessions they find after 24 hours [and] making it illegal to sleep in public.