“If there is one thing I have learned, it’s to embrace the mess of life. None of us knows what our stories truly are.” – Sarah Polley, who directed Take This Waltz

“we often gain pleasure simply from imagining satisfaction.

fantasy allows desire to continue its play. As such, desire operates as a kind of defence … as it holds itself against jouissance.

The drives are thereby reined in, … for their satisfaction would entail an overwhelming, excessive experience that would kill desire, smothering it” – Lars Iyer

“Women connect their self-worth much more closely to the realm of love …

With … “you’ve to love yourself … before someone else can love you”, the problem … is that you can never be the source of your own self-worth.” – http://ift.tt/1lTu0Ft

“The … partner is not considered as “an end in himself”

he … has something that does something for us (even if it is but a lack that engenders desire)

[There is] something inherently fetishistic about it.

the hysteric … desire[s] via her partner and wish[es] to be the object he is lacking.” – Perversion & The Social Relation