“man’s partner is ..woman ..reduced to the fantasy-object! ..For something real to be experienced ..“reality,” it must fit the ..coordinates of our fantasy-space” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1GJBY3m

“the reversal of reality into the Real corresponds to the reversal of the look (of the subject peering at reality) into the gaze that is, this reversal occurs when we enter the ‘black hole’, – the tear in the fabric of reality.

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK. 6 Essays On Woman+Causality” –

“In contrast to imitation, which sustains belief in preexisting “organic” reality, simulation retroactively “denaturalizes” reality itself by way of disclosing the mechanism responsible for its generation.” – “We cannot simply say: discard the images and you see reality. If we discard the images nothing remains. Just some pure abstraction.”

– slavoj zizek on cyberspace

“the properly Hegelian..overcoming of the transcendental dimension or the gap that separates subject from object: dialectical materialism transposes back into nature not subjectivity as such by the very gap that separates subjectivity from objectivity.” – “New Materialism covers up this gap, reinscribing subjective agency into natural reality as its immanent agential principle.” – Slavoj Žižek, Absolute Recoil, p. 12. [New Materialism, trying to antihumanistically express humanity’s naturalness, ends up making nature human. – ImKrebsgang]