“Fulfillment is thus both affirmed and undermined: it is maintained under erasure in being chronically postponed or siphoned off to a (big) Other—God—who is ultimately enlisted to legitimate or “sanctify” the specific local instances of the law and thus to underwrite our autonomy” – REBECCA COMAY http://ift.tt/1L1QB31


“the nothing is the first out of which all being, all the manifoldness of the finite has emerged. ..The task of philosophy ..is..to posit being in non-being, as becoming” – HEGEL http://ift.tt/1Fiupul

“Burke’s german translator and promoter, joined a chorus of culture critics from across the political spectrum in lamenting the reading disease..” – ..Quickly consumable books and periodicals ..gave everyone an air of easy expertise, whose blurring of fiction and reality made it so easy to dream up new societies overnight, and whose impermanence mirrored the chronic instability of a world in which constitutions were continually “introduced and thrown away like a change of clothing.” ..There was a gender as well as class subtext to the anxiety. – REBECCA COMAY http://ift.tt/1FUrW9S

“There’s the idea of mourning as a kind of assimilation or metabolization—a “good” eating. We manage to..absorb + ..inherit the past: we assume the legacy of the past, we work through, transform, embody the past by turning it into our own flesh + blood (the ..Eucharist is crucial here).” – mourning and melancholia is often described as a contrast between two different models of eating; Freud introduces the contrast between introjection and incorporation. – REBECCA COMAY
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