“Hegel’s point is..not to regain what was lost but to accept..loss..as liberating. ..Wagner’s “the wound is healed only by the spear that smote you” means: the only way to undo the..turn of..events, is to return..to the moment of the wrong decision and to repeat the choice” – Slavoj Zizek on Hegel’s Wagner


“Something..happened over which we are helpless…Deferred action..presents what was not evident the first time. ..For Freud a primal scene reveals itself – after the fact, not at once; it can be discerned..from its effects: it is the task..to uncover that primordial event.” – lars iyer on sigmund freud

“nowhere is repression as strong as in perversion, a fact amply confirmed by our late-capitalist reality in which total sexual permissiveness causes anxiety and impotence or frigidity


This compels us to draw a distinction between the repressed content and the form of repression, where the form remains operative even after the content is no longer repressed.” – Slavoj Zizek, Less Than Nothing, p305