“The melancholic incessantly verbalises self-reproach. ..Freud notes a ‘trait of insistent communicativeness which finds satisfaction in self-exposure’” – Death-and-Desire-in-Hegel-Heidegger-and-Deleuze http://ift.tt/1cxiguU


“A phobia is a conviction that bad things are unspeakable, and therefore that the unspeakable is always bad.” – And this makes ..understandings for the phobic person always dangerous. If you articulate the terror for the phobic person he may be persecuted by it again.

Adam Phillips, On Kissing, Tickling And Being Bored

“Humans yearn for the Real, ..nevber finding it.. ..The death drive becomes an excessive attachment to that surplus which cannot be accomodated within the symbolic ..existence” – Sean Sheehan