“In our renunciation of what others seem to fully have, we attribute to them as Other a glory “attained by the Other to our dismay,” as Sinthematica says.” – ANDRE VANTINO on the resentment underlying a false sacrifice http://ift.tt/1Mj3S7G

“the desire for the death of the other is a defense against the insatiability of desire itself.” – sinthematica (via deathinstincts) deathinstincts.tumblr.com focuses on lacan’s concept of the death drive as a life drive or as our feeling overwhelmed by almost too much life

“I’ve read some passages on Tumblr lately (Anti-Oedipus etc) that I think were ultimately better critiques of some embarrassing mutations of Freudian psychoanalysis than they were of psychoanalysis..” – ”..psychoanalysis as a practice..like all others can be conducted perversely [there] being so much potential for perversion. after all, everything psychoanalysis concerns itself with happens in a room with the door closed and no one else listening.” – sinthematica

“Sight is satisfying, relieving, even if what we are seeing causes melancholic or masochistic despair, for sight always connects anticipation with familiarity..” – “True despair is much more horrific than this. It cannot be apprehended as such — it looms over the fantasy, it hides in the background setting the stage always for something “more,” something to hope for, something worthwhile — worth the while or worth the wait, time again (time and time again).. ..always spoken but not always spoken for.” – sinthematica: On Desire and Despair (via deathinstincts)